DIY: Mobile Home Remodeling

Older mobile homes age faster than conventional housing or mobile homes built after 1976, when construction methods began to change. Structural problems, sagging, rust and rot can be found in most older trailers and need to be addressed in a remodelling. In mobile homes newer than 1976, remodelling consists mainly of upgrading features such as doors, windows, floors and appliances.

Examine the overall condition of the mobile home. Write a list of needed repairs, along with planned alterations and additions. Write a priority list to determine what comes first. Repairs should go to the top of the list, and they should be prioritised in order of need. Prioritise alterations next and additions last, because the trailer must be stable to add onto.

Determine the price you would get for the mobile home on the market. Use the year and average condition to determine this. Compare the market value against the cost of the remodelling. This will let you know if the project is a reasonable investment. Adjust the remodelling costs and scale to meet the value of the trailer.

Schedule the remodelling. Create the budget for each portion of the project. Adjust the schedule according to your finances and budget. Use prices from retail home centres to create the highest-cost budget. Use garage sales, online classifieds, flea markets and consumer-driven sites to bring the cost down.

Take up any countertops and flooring. Inspect the subfloor and cabinetry for structural damage. Repair holes or gaps before replacing the flooring or cabinets.

Upgrade the kitchen and bathroom. Replace major appliances, as well as old toilets, water tank and furnace with newer energy-efficient models.

Replace the current walls and ceiling with drywall. This provides heat and moisture control. Insulate the walls, ceiling and underbelly with new R-19 or higher-rated insulation. Use crown moulding or wood trim to finish the interior walls.

Replace the windows and doors with regular house windows and doors. Look for windows with a U-rating over 0.35 for efficiency. Install weatherstripping around the windows and doors to eliminate drafts and moisture from entering the trailer.

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