How to Translate Birth Dates From English to Arabic

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Translating birth dates from English to Arabic is a task that you can perform yourself from home, unless you need the translation for some kind of official document.

If you need the English-to-Arabic translation for official documents, you can do it by either getting a certification as a translator yourself or by visiting some of the professional online translation sites listed in this article.

Determine the purpose for the translation of the birth dates from English to Arabic. If it is for your own entertainment or a hobby, you might prefer purchasing and learning from Arabic self-study guides to perform the translation on your own.

Envision hiring a professional English to Arabic translator. There are a wide variety of translators who can convert or translate English numerals and birth dates to Arabic. Most of those translators are, however, only certified to translate words from Arabic to English, not the other way around.

Recognise the distinction between gaining an Arabic comprehension of English words or numbers written on paper, and gaining an English or American comprehension of Arabic words and numbers. This comprehension is very important. Determine what kind of comprehension that you need the translation service to convey for you on paper. Translation services involve converting written words from one language to another, usually on paper or in written form.

Look up the Arabic symbols for American English numbers in your workbooks and dictionary. Study how Arabic dates and numbers are written. Arabic numerals are written left to right, whereas Arabic words are written from right to left. Practice writing Arabic numbers for the English birth dates that you are trying to translate. Verify and check those with the study guides for accuracy.

View the section in the English-to-Arabic study guides about how months and time are written in long form. The region that you need the translated document for may determine the form of written translation that is best.

Contact some of the professional translation services listed in the References section. Visit the websites and send e-mail inquiries about prices for document translation and other services.