How to Customize My Wheelchair

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Customising a wheelchair can be fun if you'd like to add some embellishments to your everyday ride. From stickers to LED lights, there are a lot of ways to customise your chair to help you express your individuality without breaking the bank. Wheelchairs can also be customised with features that help meet physical needs as well, but a focus for young or creative people who use wheelchairs is often how to make them look more appealing and draw attention back to the bright personality of the individual sitting on the chair.

Investigate wheelchair underglow, a recent trend that's got some attention on YouTube as well as in disabled communities. Underglow is simply LED lights installed on the bottom of a power wheelchair, which really makes it stand out at night. To underglow your own chair, you need to purchase LED light fixtures like round LED accent lights or LED psycho domes, which are available through Pep Boys and Auto Lumination. Each light brand comes with its own installation instructions. Some have a strong adhesive back and you push it to turn it on, while others will be attached with strong glue or pins, and you control the lights with a small remote. If you want a clear and simple way to install an underglow, simply purchase a strand of battery-operated LED Christmas lights and attach it to the base of your chair using large safety pins so there's a tight fit against the chair. Use strong tape to fasten the battery pack to the lower back of your chair, or place it in a small hangable pouch. Once you have the batteries in place, you can manually turn your lights on and off, or use a remote if your light string comes with one.

Use bumper stickers, another fun and affordable way to customise your wheelchair. Many online websites sell them, and you can also design your own at Cafe Press, Zazzle, or Custom Ink. Some stores that sell wheelchairs also carry bumper stickers, and those you find basically anywhere, as well as decals, can add some personality to your chair. Stick them on the back of your wheelchair where every pedestrian and passer-by can see them.

Buy coloured wheelchair parts, which are readily available and can bring some life to an ordinarily black or grey chair. Check out the primary-coloured tires and neon-coloured tie-down mounts that are available. New, colourful upholstery is also offered for many wheelchair makes and models.

Add stick-on rhinestones to the handles and frame of your chair, or place embellishments on the handles, like flags, streamers, or wire-stemmed decorations. There are truly countless ways to customise your wheelchair. With a little craftiness and a successful hunt for just the right accessories, your wheelchair can be embellished in a way that's uniquely you.

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