How to install sx4 door speakers

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Despite the impressive improvements in stock car stereos over the past twenty years, the aftermarket stereo market is still booming. Consumers looking for extremely high-end sound can buy it by the speaker, subwoofer, and super-powered amplifier. On the Suzuki SX4, there are two pairs of speakers - a 5-1/4 inch set in the doors and a 6-1/2 inch set in the rear deck. The door speakers can be replaced by the driver, but it requires deconstructing the door panels. However, with the proper care, this can be accomplished without trouble and a simple set of hand tools.

With a thin tool like a panel tool or a pocket knife, remove the triangular plastic panel from the upper part of the front door.

Unscrew the screw seated behind the door handle.

Remove the power lock panel above the door handle by prying it out.

Unscrew the two screws hidden beneath this panel, and pop out the power switch array.

Work around the door panel with a panel tool. Gently work the door panel edges loose. When the panel is free, lift it from the door.

Remove the speaker from the door. Unscrew the four screws holding it. Pull out the speaker, and disconnect the cable from the back of the speaker by pulling on it gently.

If necessary, modify the size of the hole to contain the new speaker. If the speaker is the same size, you can install it in the existing hole. Reconnect the wires in the back, and screw the speaker back in. Before reattaching the door panel, test the speaker to make sure it's operating correctly.

Install the door panel back onto the door. Replace the power lock assembly, and screw everything back in place.

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