How to Stop Crawling Maggots

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Although crawling maggot infestations are relatively rare, it can often be disturbing and upsetting to find them. Many people instantly associate the presence of maggots with dead animals or waste food but in reality, they can actually feed on any type of organic material. The many types of maggots are all larvae of the dipteral genus. The presence of crawling maggots will often become apparent by an excessive number of flies in one particular area, and it is vitally important to break the pupation cycle in order to kill off infestations completely.

Use boiling water as a method of killing crawling maggots in infested areas such as trash bins, concreted areas and any other space that won't be affected by dampness at a later stage. Boiling water will eradicate the maggots almost instantly and does not require harmful chemicals that might present a danger to children or pets. Flush out garbage bins with clean water once the maggots have died and use a sanitising spray to wipe any areas that will be touched by hand in the future.

For small maggot infestations, put on a pair of latex gloves and gather the maggots into an old sealable container. Pay careful attention and make sure that all maggots are collected. Seal the lid and place the container into a freezer. This will kill the maggots painlessly, and the method provides a suitable option for those who are conscious of the short-term pain to the maggots that boiling water might produce. The maggots can be disposed of in your trash inside the sealed container.

Maggots in pets or livestock can be particularly disturbing. Shave carefully around infected areas using a sharp, clean razor blade. Take care not to apply excessive pressure over cuts and sores. Use tweezers to pick up the crawling maggots and place them in an old sealable container so they can be killed with boiling water or frozen at a later stage. Apply an animal-friendly insecticide once the maggots have been removed, but carry out regular checks to see if the infestation has penetrated the skin. If it has, seek immediate advice from a veterinary specialist.

If a crawling maggot infestation is found in carpets or furniture, this can often be caused by pet urine or traces of waste food. Vacuum the area thoroughly and hire a steam cleaner to address the affected areas. The heat from the steam cleaner will penetrate into the carpet or furniture item to kill any remaining eggs. Vacuum the area again afterward to remove any remaining traces of the eggs. After 24 hours, test an inconspicuous area of the carpet or furniture by rubbing alcohol into it to check for staining. If no bleaching occurs, treat the entire infested area with the rubbing alcohol to sanitise the area.

Remember that prevention is always better than cure. Wash out waste bins and dustbins regularly, and always ensure carpets are vacuumed on a daily basis. Get rid of rotting food responsibly by placing into sealable bags before disposal. Always eat at the table or on hard surfaces that can be wiped down with a home sanitising spray after meal times. Eradicate the presence of flies at the earliest possible stage by using a swatter, a spray or flypaper.

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