How to Install Corrugated Bitumen Sheets

Bitumen sheets are akin to fiberboard in that they are made from fibres of cardboard sandwiched together. Their coating of bitumen (asphalt) helps to ensure that they're weather resistant.

The benefit of such material is that the corrugate bitumen sheets are made from recycled materials -- a practical application of reduce, reuse, recycle. The sheets work well roof angles that range from 7 to 85 degrees, making them a versatile roofing material. You can install these sheets onto your roof with some easy to follow tips.

Cut your corrugated bitumen sheets to size with a circular saw.

Overlap each corrugated bitumen sheet with one corrugation on, in other words, one ridge.

Lay the individual sheets across the roof joists or cross beams.

Secure the sheets to the roof by using stainless steel fasteners. Make sure you space these fasteners every three to four corrugations.

Secure the edge of the sheet at the gutter end every second corrugation.

Trim any excess with shears. Seal the sides of the corrugated bitumen sheets with foam strips or spray foam.