How to add glitter to wall paint

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Paint colours allow you to personalise your home, but you can take it one step further by adding glitter to your wall paint. Glitter gives your room a sparkly effect that is eye-catching when the sunlight hits the walls. Although you can add glitter directly to the paint, painting experts recommend other methods, such as applying a clear coat with glitter, to achieve a better effect. The alternative methods ensure that the glitter can be seen, instead of drowning in the paint colour.

Purchase glitter paint additives, available at paint or hardware stores. Avoid craft glitter, which will sink into the paint and not show up on walls.

Stir glitter into the paint can using a stirring rod. Pour out a small amount of paint into a tray. Refrain from pouring too much paint into the tray at once, or the glitter could sink to the bottom of the tray, resulting in an uneven application. Restir the paint can before pouring more paint into the tray to maintain an even glitter distribution.

Use a roller brush to apply the glitter paint to the walls in even strokes. Wait at least three to four hours between coats to reapply.

Purchase clear coat paint and glitter paint additive. Mix the glitter into the clear paint with a stirring rod, pour a small amount into a clean paint tray and paint the walls with a roller brush. Restir the paint in the can before pouring more into the tray.

Buy glitter finish, available from paint or hardware stores. The finish is similar to the clear coat, except that the glitter comes premixed into the solution. Apply the finish to completely dry painted walls with a roller brush.

Mix 3 3/4 litres of white glue with packets of craft glitter. Unlike paint, glue will not swallow up the craft glitter. Stir with a wooden rod. Pour the mixture into a clean paint tray and use a roller brush to apply to walls.

Purchase or rent a glitter gun from a paint store. Apply the base coat of the paint. Spray the glitter over the paint using the gun while the walls are still wet. Wait to spray the glitter until the last coat if you plan on applying more than one coat to the wall.

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