Homemade bat repellent

Bat image by Edward B. from Fotolia.com

Bats are a potential pest that can bring diseases and illness into a building. There are often environmental laws protecting bats, so extermination is not always an option. Homeowners sometimes turn to bat-repelling methods to remove the bats from the home.

Potential entry points must be covered once the bats have been removed from a building.

Check state laws regarding bat-control methods. Bats are often protected species, so it is important to determine what the state allows before making any repellent.

Add water, Sponto 221, mustard oil and sassafras oil to the bowl. If 10 cups of water are used, add approximately 5 tsp of sponto 221, mustard oil and sassafras oil to make the repellent.

Put the repellent in attics or areas where the bats congregate. Take care when putting the repellent down, and cover up completely beforehand to prevent potential diseases. Cover your nose and mouth as well as your body.

Put bird nets up around entrances the bats use when they leave. This prevents the bats from coming back into the house.