How to lease an embroidery machine

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Starting a small business requiring machinery entails a significant amount of capital for purchasing equipment such as embroidery machines. New or used models as well as the machine brand and type are factored into the cost. For instance, single head machines are economical in comparison to 20-head embroidery models.

Entrepreneurs benefit from leasing equipment by factoring in the leasing cost as part of the monthly budget. Certain leasing companies allow a portion of the leasing payment to apply to the purchase of the machine after the leasing term period has expired.

Visit websites such as,, or Read the equipment brand, model and type. For example, certain sites such as leases pre-owned machines. The agreement usually states the party responsible for repairs during the leasing period, which often is expensive if you are working with older models requiring parts not readily available.

Fill out the leasing application by following the site's prompts. Each site has specific manufacturer requirements, according to the business type. For example, if you are a home-based embroidery business owner, will lease out a machine to fit your needs. Make sure the application is on a secure site prior to filling out sensitive information. Bear in mind if you do not qualify during the application process, you cannot lease the machine.

Read the rental and leasing agreement time frame. Certain contracts are made for 6 to 12 months and others have a strict 48 to 60 month period. Certain sites like allows you to rent/lease the equipment and if at the end of the contract you decide to purchase the machine, 50% of the payments made during the contract period are credited to the purchase price.

Read the contract for added charges to the leasing payment such as interest rates or added fees.

Calculate the monthly leasing payment. Certain sites like have a leasing calculator. Plug in your equipment costs including hoops, computers, and software as well as the amount you charge per stitches. Most embroidery manufacturers base the charge per 1000 stitches. Plug in the lease term along with the number of embroidery heads in the machine such as single to 20-heads.

Read through the contract to make certain any extra attachments such as hoops, heads, or needles are included with the machine and part of the leasing payment. Certain leasing companies charge extra fees for attachments. The machines do not run efficiently without the required attachments.

Read through shipping and return policies in the event of damage to the machines.