How to Store Sterilized Bottles

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Whether you will fill them with formula or breast milk, you should sterilise baby bottles before you use them for the first time, BabyCenter reports. You can use several methods, including placing them in boiling water for at least five minutes.

Once your sterilised bottles dry, you can store them just as you would your other glasses or dishes.

Dry the bottles for at least one hour before either storing them or filling them with milk or formula. You can dry sterilised bottles on a dish-drying rack or by placing them on a clean, dry towel.

Shake any excess water from the bottles before storing them. If you prefer, you can also towel dry the bottles.

Place the sterilised bottles in a cabinet or cupboard or another location where you have decided to store the bottles. Set the bottles with the bottom down so the rim does not make contact with the shelving or other surfaces.

Stack the bottle nipples neatly near the bottles so they are easily accessible when it comes time to prepare a bottle. If you bottle nipples do not stack, consider placing them in a small basket or bin so they do not become lost or misplaced.