How to Make a Virgo Man Fall for You

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A Virgo man is born between August 23 and September 23. The Virgo is symbolised by a virgin holding a bundle of wheat which is said to mean wisdom. A Virgo man fits into the category of earth signs which indicates he prefers to stick to a customary routine and is easily upset when things are not in the correct order. The positive characteristics of a Virgo man are modesty, intelligence and diligence, while his negative characteristics are overcritical, conservative and picky.

Become a close friend. A Virgo man only feels comfortable around people that are considered to be close to him. He will refuse to disclose to you any feelings or private thoughts until he feels that he can trust you. To gain his friendship it is wise to agree about everything he verbalises; he does not like his statements to be considered inaccurate.

Display neatly arranged qualities. A Virgo man is extremely attracted to a woman who is well put together in the looks department as well as in the home front. Keep your make-up and clothing simple and elegant, as well as your home. Do not wear flamboyant hair styles or make-up; this can turn a Virgo man completely off.

Show him you can engage in an educated conversation. A Virgo man loves to talk to a woman who can hold a serious conversation discussing topics such as religion and the government. Hold out on conversations that involve emotional problems because a Virgo man prefers not to deal with a woman who is emotionally disturbed or has constant drama in her life.

Be supportive. A Virgo man will be quite critical of himself causing him to be insecure at times. When he does not think he is doing a good job at something such as a project at work encourage and assure him that things will work out fine. Giving him reassurance will catch his attention and boost his self confidence.

Be patient. A Virgo man prefers to move slowly in a new relationship. Pushing him too hard to commit will only make him feel as if you are rushing him into something he is not ready for, but don't give up on pursuing him to fall for you; a Virgo man often holds his true feelings inside until he feels the time is right to for them to be unleashed.

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