How to Spot Fake Stone Island Gear

Stone Island is a brand of athletic apparel often worn by European football fans. However, as with any fairly expensive line of clothing, there are knock-offs and fakes on the market.

The key to being a smart and savvy shopper, though, is to stay aware when you're looking for a bargain, and to be able to identify the signs that a piece of Stone Island gear is the genuine article.

Examine the buttons. All buttons on Stone Island gear are black and have "Stone Island" etched into them. Plain buttons, or those that aren't black, are a giveaway that the item isn't genuine.

Examine the tag on the inside of the gear. Stone Island gear is made in Romania or in Italy, never in China, Mexico or another country. If the gear was made in some other location, then it's a knock-off.

Examine the tag on the arm. The tag is on the left arm, and it has the company's name in the centre, surrounded by a green and yellow compass. The rest of the tag is black. This is one of the most identifiable parts of Stone Island gear, and no piece is genuine without it.