How to Make a Knight Horse Costume

Knight on Horse image by Humza Tarar from

A knight horse costume is an alternative to a regular knight costume that you can purchase at the store. Adding a horse to the costume increases the quirkiness of the costume and can be converted to fit a child or an adult.

Adding a horse to the knight's costume makes the costume stand out from other knight costumes which may make the costume stand out enough to win costume competitions. This project will take about one day to complete.

Cut off the box flaps. Cut an opening in the box large enough for the person who will wear the costume to stand it. Cut out a horse head and tail shape from the cardboard flaps.

Tape the head and tail pieces to opposite ends of the cardboard box. Paint the box, head and tail pieces to look like a horse. Paint a saddle on the horse when the base paint is dry.

Punch 4 holes at the corners of the hole in the middle of the box. Tie 2 long ribbons to the two front holes. Tie the opposite ends of the ribbons to the holes on the other side of the box opening. Step into the box opening and place the ribbons over your shoulders. Adjust the length of the ribbons so that the box sits just below waist height.

Draw the outline of your legs onto a piece of butcher paper. Cut out the outline and 2 pieces of fabric to make the trousers. Pin the trousers together along the outside edges and the inside edges. Leave an opening at the top of the trousers and at the crotch of the trousers so that you can stand between the legs of the trousers. Sew the opening closed.

Turn the trousers right side out and stuff the legs with stuffing. Tape some boots to the trousers legs.

Put on the knight costume. Slide the fake legs over your body and put on the horse costume. Place the legs of the fake costume over the top of the box so that it looks like you are riding on the horse.