How to tie a glass float net

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Glass floats were once used to keep fishing nets near the surface of the ocean. When the floats broke free from the nets, they would sometimes wash up on the shore where people would find them.

Some believed that glass floats would protect a dwelling from evil influences, and the tradition of glass floats used as ornaments stems from this superstition. Glass floats are no longer used but you can still find them. Antique floats are still washed up on beaches, and replicas are also produced. You can turn glass globe floats into hanging ornaments using nets of knotted cord.

Measure your glass float. Cut eight lengths of cord or twine that are 10 times its diameter (width at the widest point). Seal the ends by melting the nylon or gluing the hemp.

Fold each cord in half. Lay a ring on top of one of the loops. Take the ends of the folded cord, bring them over the ring and push them through the loop. Pull the cords all the way through so that the string is tightly knotted around the ring. This is called a lark's head knot. Fasten all the other loops around the ring in lark's head knots.

Fix the ring securely to the base of the float using masking tape. Tie one strand from each knot to a strand from the knot next to it; make a loop in each strand, push one loop through the other, then push the end of the first strand through the second loop. Knot all the pairs in this way, one inch from the ring. Tape the knots to the float.

Knot one strand from each knotted pair to a strand from the adjacent knotted pair, one inch below the previous knots. Tape the knots to the float. Work in this way until the float is almost covered. Make sure the knots all lie flat against the float.

Place the second ring over all the strands so that it is snug against the float. Take one strand from each adjacent knotted pair and loop around the ring. Make each loop in the opposite direction to its neighbour.

Tie all of the strands in an overhand knot. Your glass float is now ready to hang up.