How to Wire Electrical Boxes for an RV Park

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The electrical boxes in RV parks, colloquially called hookups and properly called connection pedestals, are conventionally wired to supply 50-amp and 30-amp shore power cords. They may also have one or two 20-amp traditional household outlets for use by tent campers. All the outlets must be protected by watertight shrouds. Some pedestals, mostly in residential ownership parks, are equipped with meters, Internet and cable television connectors. Wiring an electrical box for an RV park is not of itself a complicated project, but the ramifications of making a mistake can be great.

Install a 50-amp circuit breaker in the park panelboard that is to supply the pedestal. Supply the pedestal with one black 8-gauge wire, one red 8-gauge wire, one white 8-gauge wire and one green 10-gauge wire. Connect the red wire and the black wire to the two terminals of the 50-amp breaker. Connect the white wire to the neutral bus and the green wire to the ground block inside the panelboard. Remove the 50-amp breaker for the duration of the project.

Remove the dead-front panel of the pedestal. Remove knockout panels as necessary to run your wires into the pedestal, and insulate the holes with rubber grommets.

Connect your wires to the rear of the 50-amp socket unless otherwise instructed by the literature delivered with the pedestal. Connect the black wire and the red wire to the two hot terminals; conventionally these terminals will be at three o'clock and nine o'clock, and their orientation is unimportant. Connect the white wire to the neutral terminal, conventionally at 12 o'clock, and the green wire to the ground terminal, conventionally at six o'clock. The terminals will be clearly marked with embossing in the case of the outlet.

Confirm that the new pedestal has pre-installed wiring from behind the 50-amp outlet to the 30- and 20-amp outlets. If it does not, consult the manufacturer's instructions supplied with the pedestal and learn the preferred wiring methods for connecting the outlets; typically it will be a simple series connection made using matching colour-coded wires from like terminal to like terminal.

Connect pedestal lighting, cable television and Internet hookups if the pedestal accepts them and the park provides the latter two.

Reinstate the dead-front panel, reinstate the 50-amp breaker, switch the circuit on and use a test meter to test every function at every outlet.

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