How to decorate Easter cupcakes or cookies

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With Easter comes the Easter bunny, plastic eggs filled with goodies and picnic brunches with lots of desserts. Decorating cookies or cupcakes can be made easy by keeping Easter themes such as bunny rabbits, pastel colours and Easter eggs.

Make cupcake or cookie bunnies. Smooth frosting onto the cookie or cupcake using a butter knife. Use white or other light-coloured frosting. Place gumdrops on the frosting for the bunny's eyes and nose. A small piece of black gumdrop on a white gumdrop makes perfect bunny eyes. Cut black liquorice and place on either side of the bunny noise for the whiskers. You can shape taffy to use as bunny ears and red liquorice to form a mouth.

Create cookie or cupcake Easter eggs. Smooth frosting in pastel colours onto the cookie or cake. Use gel frosting, or any type of frosting in a tube, to create an outline of an egg onto the cookie or cake. Create any design you desire using the frosting tubes. For a fun-looking display, place Easter egg decorated desserts in an egg carton.

"Paint" spring-themed pictures on the cookies or cupcakes. Green frosting can be painted on to look like grass. Paint on a few bright flowers growing out of the grass. Use your creativity to paint with frosting on the cookies and cupcakes. You can also use sprinkles and glitter on your treats.

Create a Easter display with cookies and cupcakes decorated in various ways. On a platter or cake stand, put some green straw, the type that fills Easter baskets. Place your cupcakes and cookies on top of the green straw and display them.

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