How to make a cardboard UFO

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If you're children are fascinated by the possibility of visitors from other planets, you may want to make a UFO -- unidentified flying object -- to pass the time or to give to the child as a gift. Cardboard is easy to work with and inexpensive, so you can use it make the basic shape of your UFO and decorate it to your liking. You can also easily add an otherworldly glow to your mini UFO with some inexpensive materials.

Connect the ends of a glow stick necklace, and lay it on one side of an old pizza box. Trace around the outside edge with a pen to get the outline of a circle and repeat on the other side of the pizza box. You now have two large cardboard circles of the same size, which will be the top and bottom of the UFO.

Place the end of an empty toilet paper roll in the centre of each circle and trace around it. Cut the centre circles out with a sharp utility knife.

Cut a piece of clear tubing to the size of the circumference of the two large circles. Put the glow stick inside the rubber tubing and connect the two ends. Tape the two ends of the clear tubing together with silver duct tape.

Place the end of the toilet paper roll into the centre hole of one of the cardboard circles, and attach them with duct tape around the edges.

Lay the clear tubing on top of the circle you just attached to the empty roll and make sure the edges line up. Cut a few pieces of duct tape and tape the tubing to the cardboard on the inside of the circle so that they won't block the glow coming from the tubing.

Place the centre hole of the other large circle onto the top of the toilet paper roll, and let it sit on top of the tubing. Tape the top of the cardboard and the sides of the toilet paper roll together with duct tape.

Cover the cardboard with aluminium foil and draw small windows on the part of the toilet paper roll that extends up from the rest of the cardboard, using a black permanent marker. Now you can display your cardboard UFO or give it to a child.

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