How to Transfer iPod Music to Laptop iTunes

Though Apple's iTunes program is adept at managing and organising your media and application libraries as well as working with devices such as iPod, it lacks the ability to move your music from your iPod to your laptop. This shortcoming prevents iPod users from being able to back up music libraries, making the prospect of losing an iPod or having it stolen even more costly. There are however a number of software programs available that allow you to copy your iPod music to your laptop and to your iTunes library.

Download and launch HeadLightSoft's expod program (See References). It is a free program and offers a simple interface for selecting music you want to copy from your iPod to iTunes. Plug your iPod into your computer and open the program. Expod will automatically recognise your iPod and display its musical content in the main program window. The program also recognises and can copy the music from an iPhone into your iTunes library.

Download Findley Design's iPod Access (See References). This program offers a more options than expod, such as automatic backup and a single-button option for copying your music directly from your iPod into iTunes. This saves the trouble of having to locate the proper iTunes folders in a file directory and automates the process of copying your iPod music. iTunes launches when you choose the "Add to iTunes" option, and you can watch the progress of the transfer. This program also allows you to display and copy iPod playlists.

Use the TouchCopy application (See References). TouchCopy works with iPhone and iPad as well as the iPod, and can back up all your device's media and data, including voice mails and text messages, with a single button. TouchCopy also includes single-button copying from your iPod to iTunes and includes an interface for playing your iPod music. TouchCopy also includes a search function that allows you to easily target music and other files you want to copy into iTunes.

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