How to Get Incoming Cell Phone Records

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Mobile phone providers maintain a record all of incoming and outgoing calls placed to and from your cell phone. Whether you need a copy of cell phone records for personal reasons or to create an invoice for incoming calls to a wireless phone line, there are a few resources available to aid your search.

Contact your mobile carrier's customer service department. You may be required to provide personal contact information, an account security password or number and even your social security number. Due to increased restrictions regarding obtaining cell phone records, you may be asked for any combination of identifying data. Request a hard copy of all incoming call records. You may be charged a fee to use this service.

Log onto your wireless account online. If this is your first time accessing this feature, follow the on-screen directions and complete the short registration process. Click "My Account", "Account Services" or a similarly named option. Input your username and password or your 10-digit wireless number and password. Locate "My Bill", "Call Details" or a similarly named choice. These files usually have a PDF attachment displaying both incoming and outgoing calls.

Search for incoming calls by date, time and phone number, if applicable. Print the documents and store in your personal records.