How to make a teapot costume

Image by Soapbeard; Flickr.

Normal old-fashioned tea parties are great, but whacky costume tea parties can be over-the-top fun with the right mix of people. Themes for costume tea parties can run the gamut from the traditional, like Alice in Wonderland, Victorian England and fairies, to the modern with lingerie and historical figures, to the completely off-the-wall. Try assigning each guest a tea-related object to theme their costume around. This teapot costume can be adjusted to reflect any gender identification, body type or personal style.

Cut the right sleeve off each of the long-sleeved T-shirts. Sew the red sleeve to the white T-shirt.

Paint a simple design -- zigzags or polka dots, for example -- on the wrist of the white sleeve (the one still attached to the T-shirt) with red craft paint. Allow it to dry completely.

Decorate the skirt half of the white dress with the puff paint, in a dainty flower-and-leaf design. If desired, sprinkle glitter, sequins or other decorations on the wet paint. Allow it to dry completely.

Paint the wiffle ball red with craft paint. Allow it to dry completely.

Stitch the wiffle ball to the centre of the top of the beret.

Wear the dress layered over the T-shirt and the tights, with red shoes and the beret. Put your red arm on your hip and hold your white arm out as if shrugging.

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