How to Stop a Ticking Sound From a Wall Clock

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A traditional wall clock is a useful addition to any home, but it can be an irritant if it clicks throughout the day and night. Its purpose to let you know what time it is every once and a while, not remind you that the seconds are ticking away, every second of the day. Silencing your timekeeper can remove any annoyance.

Remove the rear panel on the clock by pinching the two side and pulling outward. The rear panel will pop right off the back of the clock. Set aside the rear panel.

Fill the spray bottle with the clock oil if the oil wasn't purchased in a spray bottle. Set the paper towel on a table. Spray the gears on the inside of the clock once or twice with the clock oil. Set the clock on the paper towel with the face of the clock pointing up for 30 minutes, so that any dripping oil will be caught by the paper towel. Replace the back panel my pushing it back into place.

Place some egg crate foam on the wall behind the clock if the ticking is still too loud. This will eliminate most of the sounds coming from the back of the clock, and the vibrations that are forced on the wall by the clock's running gears.

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