How to make a goose costume

white goose image by Tanya McConnell from

If you are thinking of getting crafty and saving some money by making your own Halloween costume, you might think you have to choose a very easy outfit and that a goose costume would be out of the question.

But whether you want to go as Mother Goose to a costume party or create a couple's costume with your pal dressed as an oven (your goose is cooked -- get it?), you will be able to make your own goose costume with a few craft supplies and items that are easy to obtain.

Find an old white poncho at a second-hand store and cut it to the length you want your goose wings to be. If you want to make the wings more complex, cut out the part of the poncho that would cover your chest and cut small holes in the sides, as far down as you can. These will be for the wearer's middle finger to slip through to hold the wings over his arms.

Lay the poncho flat over a hard surface. Poke the shafts of the faux feathers through the fabric so the feathers stick in it; most faux feathers have strong shafts so they should poke right through, but if the fabric is especially thick, you may need to make small cuts in the poncho to stick the feathers in. Spread the feathers out over the poncho so there is a feather or two every 6 inches, but you do not need to cover the whole poncho unless you really have the time and patience.

Turn the poncho over so you can see all the shafts of the feathers. Use the hot glue gun to adhere each feather to the poncho. This will be the underside of the wings, so you do not need to be particular about the appearance of the dabs of glue, but do attempt to position the shaft so that the feathers will point downward when it is affixed. Allow the glue to set.

Paint a party hat from a party supply store bright orange with acrylic paint to use as the goose's beak. Hats that have no pattern on them already will cover more easily. If you cannot acquire a party hat, make a cone out of cardstock and staple it together. Attach a rubber band around the bottom to hold the beak on. Allow paint to dry between coats.

Wear a plain white shirt and white trousers or shorts. Put on orange or yellow shoes or buy an inexpensive pair of white shoes and paint them. Put the poncho on over your shirt and wear the party hat over your mouth.