How to make an ant costume

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An ant "picnic invader" costume is a unique take on typical ant costumes created for Halloween. A lightweight piece of foam-core board creates the picnic table, a hole allows the wearer's head to poke through as the head of the ant and black balloons create the rest of the ant body.

Cut a hole in the centre of the foam-core board. The hole should be large enough for the wearer's head to fit through.

Glue the tablecloth to the foam-core board, cutting it so that a few inches hang over each side. Turn the board over, and use a craft knife to cut slits in the cloth where the hole is located. Secure the dangling pieces of cloth to the underside of the board with duct tape. Create a clean edge around the hole.

Glue or tape the cotton batting to the underside of the board around the hole. This will cushion the board where it rests on the wearer's shoulders. Have the wearer try it on. Adjust the batting to ensure it is comfortable and stable.

Blow up a balloon 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter. Inflate a slightly smaller balloon. Tape the balloons together to create the ant's body. Glue them to the board, and to the side of the head hole.

Bend four pipe-cleaners to create the ant's legs; tape them to each side of the two balloons. Create antennas from the remaining two pipe-cleaners. Curl the cleaners and tape them to the black helmet.

Glue plastic food and plastic ants to the picnic table. Have the wearer dress in the black turtleneck, putting their head through the picnic-table hole. Place the helmet with antenna and black sunglasses on the wearer's head.