How to Connect a Chrome Pipe to PVC

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Chrome and PVC pipes connect a sink drain to the drain piping of your home. Both types of pipe come in sizes designed to slide inside a pipe installed to the sink and/or your home's drain system. The correct pipe diameter is vital to ensuring a properly seated connection between the different types of pipe. A properly seated connection will keep waste water from leaking from the pipe.

Stretch a tape measure across the face of the installed pipe. Measure the outside dimension of the pipe.

Purchase a drain kit to fit over the installed pipe.

Slide a slip nut over the end of the installed pipe with the threads facing toward the pipe's open end. Push a tapered washer over the end of the pipe with the flat edge of the washer facing toward the nut.

Push the threaded end of the new pipe over the installed pipe. Slide the tapered washer toward the threaded end of the pipe. Slide the slip washer toward the pipe threads. Turn the slip nut clockwise to tighten it on the threaded end of the pipe.

Install the remaining components of the drain.

Turn on the water to test the connection. Hand-tighten any connection leaking water.

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