How to clean mould from a washing machine's rubber

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Your washing machine is continuously exposed to conditions that are ideal for mould formation. The air inside your utility room and around your washing machine is often humid. Also, moisture, dirt and bacteria can build up around certain areas of your washing machine, including the rubber door seal. Mould on the rubber seal of your washing machine can contaminate your clothes and should be cleaned right away.

Fill a container with 250 ml (1 cup) of white vinegar and pour it into your washing machine.

Leave the washing machine empty and put it on the hottest possible setting. Run one wash cycle through.

Add 250 ml (1 cup) of vinegar and run the hottest cycle through once or twice more if you have an extensive mould problem on the rubber seal.

Wipe down the seal with a cloth soaked in vinegar once the last cycle is complete.

Keep the washing machine door open to dry. To prevent mould build-up on the rubber, leave the door open whenever the machine is not in use.

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