How to Feed Buzzards

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Buzzards are birds of prey, distinguished from other raptors by a diet that consists partly or predominately of carrion rather than live prey. In the United States, the term "buzzard" refers to the widespread turkey vulture. Whereas, in the UK, the word usually refers to the more eagle-like common buzzard. If you want to attract buzzards, perhaps to photograph them -- or to dispose of animal carcases in an environmentally friendly manner -- set up a buzzard feeding station. Buzzards aren't fussy eaters, and if there are any in the area, they will find the food quickly.

Position a plastic sheet on an area of open ground and weigh it down with a few stones. The plastic sheet is partly to protect the ground, but mainly to act as a signal to buzzards.

Put on the rubber gloves, especially if you are handling road kill or other dead animals, rather than unwanted meat.

Put the meat on the sheet and wait from a distance. Buzzards will eat decaying meat, although they much prefer fresh.

Wipe the sheet down and dispose of uneaten bones, once the buzzards have finished.

Roll up the sheet and store it for next time.

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