How to use dylon machine dye

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Dying fabric using Dylon machine dye is one of the easiest ways to dye material. It is a non-mess process that allows you to significantly alter the appearance of curtains, cushion covers, a dress or any other cotton, linen, viscose or polyester item. Jazzing up old clothes and fabrics is a cheaper alternative to buying new ones, and you can get really creative with the colours, as Dylon has a wide range to choose from.

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Weigh the clothes or fabric that you wish to dye. This will tell you how many packets of dye you will need. One packet of Dylon dye will dye up to 600 grams of material, this is the approximate amount of a pair of jeans, a double sheet or a bath towel.

Wash the fabric or clothes thoroughly in the machine prior to dying. Take the fabric out of the machine and wearing a pair of gloves empty the Dylon dye onto the drum in the machine (not in the soap dispenser).

Add 500 grams of salt to the dye. You use this amount of salt no matter how many packets of dye you use.

Place your damp fabric into the machine. Run a normal 40-degree cotton cycle. Do not use pre-wash, half-load or economy washes.

Put the machine on again for a 40-degree cotton cycle but this time add detergent to wash the fabric or clothes.

Take the fabric or clothes out of the machine. Run the machine empty with detergent on another 40-degree cycle. This is to clean all the dye out of your machine.

Air dry your fabric out of direct heat or sunlight. When you come to wash your fabric or clothes again, wash them separately or with similar colours for the first two washes as excess dye may still be present in the fabric.

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