How to Build an RC Car Obstacle Course

Remote Control for flying in outdoor location image by photooiasson from

Remote control cars are a fun hobby as they can be accessorised, raced and augmented, much like full-sized cars but at a lower cost. Driving cars via the remote control is a skill that must be perfected by their owners and operators. One great way to do this is to build an obstacle course for remote control cars to follow and teach operators to perfect turns, speed and driving the car through small places.

Plan the exact area where you want to put your remote control car obstacle course. Building it over dirt will give you many more options for the obstacle course as you will be able to dig into it, smooth it out and make it rough, changing it each time you drive on it. Sketch out the borders and the basic design of the obstacle course with a pencil on a piece of paper; use this as your blueprint for the obstacle course you plan to build.

Line the border of your obstacle course with old tires or mounds of dirt. Smooth out the area where the cars will be driving and build ramps, ditches, moguls and small mounds around the obstacle course track. Use a hose to wet down some of the dirt to allow you to augment it in different ways.

Find a large drainage pipe made from plastic or metal that a remote control car can fit through and place it in one section of the track. This pipe can also double as the base for a jump if dirt is piled up on top of it at the right angle, allowing the obstacle course track to cross back over the pipe.

Create jumps out of other materials like flat pieces of wood that is placed on breeze blocks, launching remote control cars through the air at different distances and angles. Poster board and stacked bricks also work for these types of jumps, as well as thin, pliable pieces of plastic.

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