How to Replace Corsa Brake Pads

brake calipers image by Tom Oliveira from

Vauxhall manufactures the Corsa with either three or five doors in the European market. The Corsa offers models that can produce up to 37.6 horsepower at 5,300rpm. Over time, this vehicle will need new brake pads because of normal wear and tear. You can save time and money by replacing the brake pads yourself.

Open the bonnet to locate the brake master cylinder reservoir, where you can check the brake fluid levels. Remove about one-third of the brake fluid from the reservoir with a clean turkey baster.

Loosen the bolt on the wheel with a ratchet and socket. Do not completely take the bolts off of the wheel.

Hoist the front of the Corsa with a floor jack. Place jack stands under the Corsa to safely support the vehicle.

Pull the wheels and tires off of the Corsa. Put the bolts, wheels and tire to the side of the vehicle.

Locate the upper and lower mounting bolts on the back of the brake caliper. Loosen and take off each of the brake caliper bolts with a ratchet and socket.

Pull the caliper from the brake assembly and support the caliper to the frame with mechanic wire.

Slide the inner and outer brake pads from the brake assembly. Note exactly how the brake pads sit in position. You must place the new brake pads in the exact position.

Install the new inner and outer brake pads on the brake assembly.

Place an 8-inch C-clamp against the brake caliper to support the piston. The fixed part should touch the back side of the caliper body and the screw section should touch the brake caliper piston. Tighten the 8-inch C-clamp.

Put the brake caliper over the brake assembly. Tighten the brake caliper mounting bolts.

Place the wheels and tires back on the Corsa. Tighten the bolts back on the wheels with your hands.

Lift the floor jack a bit to remove the jack stands from under the Corsa.

Lower the Corsa to a level, flat surface. Tight the bolts with a torque wrench to 80 pound-feet. Refill the brake master cylinder container.

Pump the brake pedal several times to firmly set the pedal. Test drive the Corsa for proper brake operation.