How to Keep a White Toilet Seat From Staining

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There may be times when you walk into the bathroom and are immediately disgusted by the sight of the toilet. Most toilet seats are white, and are susceptible to stains and built up grime, which can be unsightly. Taking proper care of your toilet seat can keep it from staining.

Clean your white toilet seat thoroughly with a non-abrasive, white or clear tinted all-purpose cleaner that is recommended for bathroom use. Coloured cleaners can begin to stain the toilet seat after several uses, even if the stain is not immediately apparent. Cleaning the toilet with such a cleaner may be necessary to begin with, but can be eliminated once the old stains are gone.

Spray the toilet seat with plain white vinegar and allow it to sit for two or three minutes. Wipe the vinegar off with a sponge. Vinegar helps to combat stains and kills germs, mould and bacteria naturally. If your toilet seat is new or you have removed all pre-existing stains, you can clean the toilet with vinegar only. As a note, vinegar can be used on all parts of the toilet -- in the tank and bowl, as well as on the seat and outside.

Maintain your toilet seat by cleaning it two to three times a week to prevent build-up of residue and any stains. If that is too much, then at least clean it once a week. Keeping the spray bottle of vinegar and the sponge in close proximity to the toilet allows for easier cleaning.

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