How to clean black lacquer oriental furniture

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Black lacquer furniture lends a sleek, sophisticated look to any room. Oriental black lacquer furniture is also sometimes very elaborately designed. Lacquer is a finish that is applied in many thin layers. Although hard and shiny, it can be somewhat difficult to clean.

In addition, while modern lacquers are fairly durable, antique lacquers can be easily damaged by some cleaning solvents, according to Good Housekeeping. For that reason, precautions must be taken before cleaning the furniture.

Dampen a soft cloth with water and then gently wipe down the furniture. Do this once a week to keep the dust from accumulating. Do not use paper towels.

Blot with a another soft cloth to dry the furniture immediately after dusting it.

Use a solvent-based furniture cleaner stubborn areas. Test the solvent first in a hidden area to make sure it doesn't damage the finish. Apply the solvent to a soft cloth; then carefully rub off the dirt. Do not scrub. Immediately wipe off the solvent with a clean dry cloth.