How to get your booty back after losing weight

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Whether you have a flat butt, big butt or a saggy butt, you can shape your glutes. After losing weight you may want to tighten and tone your bottom. Your glutes are muscles, which means you have the ability to make them stronger and change their shape. Losing weight sometimes means that your skin may become flabby.

Yet, with a proper exercise routine, you can lift and create a shapely backside.

Use resistance. Weight training will help to shape the glutes. Building muscle in the body not only helps your body burn more calories, but it literally can make over your figure. Weight training can help build muscle to make the booty look firmer, because it will get stronger. According to the American Council of Exercise, exercises like squats and lunges effectively help tone the booty. If you want to make your squats and lunges more challenging, increase your weight and slow your pace. Completing a squat more slowly puts more tension on your muscles for a longer period of time.

Increase your heart rate. Cardio exercise is necessary to build a great butt, even after losing weight. Cardio that uses resistance places a greater demand on your body, which will help you obtain the results you want. Hill training, or inclining your treadmill, is a great way to shape the glutes, because your butt is more engaged when working against gravity. Cycling and stair climbing also both focus on the glutes, which will help you break a sweat and shape your behind. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, it is recommended to do cardiovascular workouts five days per week for 30 minutes per day.

Train your booty on the floor. Floor work using gravity alone as resistance will help to tighten a booty. Leg lifts and hip raises focus specifically on your glute muscles. Pilates also incorporates using your body as resistance to build strong glutes. These moves target train the glutes and use high repetitions to build strength and shape to the butt.