How to Take a Good Picture With a Big Nose

smell image by Connfetti from

Unfortunately we are not all perfect, but that doesn't mean we can't convey that we are. If you are taking pictures of one of those unfortunate people that carried on the family's imperfect nose and you are not sure how to de-emphasise that flaw, fear not.

There are many things that you as the photographer could do, in order to minimise the size of your model's nose.

Observe the nose you are working with and determine the flaws. Ask the person you are taking the shots of what specifically bothers them about their nose, ex: too narrow, too wide, or crooked.

Darken the tip of the nose with the make up if the nose is too narrow. If the nose is too wide, darken the sides of the nose with the make up. If the nose is crooked, darken the side where it should be straight.

Aim your camera in a direction where the nose appears less noticeable. If the person has a long nose, try taking shots only from a front angle. If they have a wide nose take side profile shots. If the person's nose is crooked aiming the camera upwards as they look downward usually helps.

Use the flower or a cigar to create a point of interest that draws attention from their nose, and gives the photos an element of style. A woman or a man can take a playful shot, and holding the items near their eyes to shiled their nose.