How to Make Your Own Hulk Costume

Green Squiggle image by Scott Griessel from

The Incredible Hulk appears in his own comic books, TV shows and movies. He is the alter-ego of Dr. Bruce Banner, a mild-mannered scientist who acquires the split Hulk persona --- rage personified --- during a gamma-bomb explosion. The traditional image of Hulk is a very strong green man in a pair of Dr.

Banner's purple trousers, which become torn whenever he transforms into the grumpy green giant.

Cut the purple trousers off in a zigzag fashion just below the knee. Pull at the material, so it looks frayed.

Paint your body green using the body paint. Ask a friend for help if you have trouble doing this alone.

Paint your face green using the face paint. Draw over your eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil to make exaggerated brows.

Put your trousers and wig on. Scowl and flex your muscles.