How to Operate a Slush Puppy Machine

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Semi-frozen drinks can help you cool down on a hot day, but blending ice and juice can be time-consuming. In 1950, the first Slush Puppy machine came into existence under the hand of Omar Knedlik. The machine gained appeal, so Knedlik contracted Ruth E.

Taylor to propose a name to market under as well as a logo for his product. From that came the ICEE Company. One product in the umbrella of ICEE creations is the Slush Puppy Machine, which serves near-frozen semi-solid chilled drinks.

Locate the Slush Puppy machine's electrical cord. As the machine does not require outside refrigeration, simply place the machine where you would like, and plug it into a nearby electrical socket.

Remove the lid from the top of the machine, and add the correct amount of syrup and water to the top slush reservoir. The ratio will change depending on the syrup's sugar content, so follow the direction on the syrup bottle. If you are using fruit juice, additional water might not be needed.

Place the cover on the top of the machine, and turn it on. You are not required to mix the contents, as the machine churns the mixture for you.

Wait approximately 30 minutes, and check the machine. Some machines require more than 30 minutes to freeze the drinks, especially if the sugar content of the liquid is low. If 60 minutes has passed and the mixture isn't frozen, turn off the machine and empty the juice. It will not properly work for the machine, and new juice or syrup is required.

Place a container at the base of the machine, directly under the spigot. Press down on the spigot to release freshly made slush into the container.