How to use drapery weights

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Tailored curtains and drapery over a window can give any interior room instant class and elegance. The world of interior decor has its secrets that you should know in order to make your own decor look as professional and fashionable as possible. One secret in the area of window dressing is the tiny drapery weight: so small and unobtrusive, yet so important for making curtains and drapes hang properly from a window.

Examine the sewing construction of the drapes to determine where you need weights on the drapes. Generally, placing drapery weights at both bottom corners will give the drapes the needed weight to hang straight. You can also place drapery weights every 12 inches along the bottom hems to keep the entire panel of drapes weighted -- this can be especially useful for sheers and other lightweight curtains. Drapery weights can also help tailored valances -- such as jabots -- hang straight over your windows.

Cut a 24-inch length of thread and thread the needle. Pull the thread through the needle eye so you have two equal lengths of thread and tie a knot at the ends of the thread.

Select a triangle drapery weight to sew into the corner of a hem at the bottom of drapes or valances.

Position the weight in the inside corner, aligning it so it fits evenly into the right-angled corner. Hold the drapery weight in this position with your fingers.

Insert the needle into the drapes under the drapery weight and push the needle up through a hole in the drapery weight (placed there for stitching the drapery weight in place). Insert the needle back down again through another hole in the drapery weight and through the top layer of drapery fabric.

Continue stitching the drapery weight in place by inserting the needle up and down through the holes in the drapery weight and catching the top layer of drapery fabric each time. Make at least five stitches to stitch the drapery weight to the hem of the drapes securely and then tie a small knot in the thread before clipping off the excess thread.

Repeat the same technique to stitch drapery weights everywhere along the hemline of the drapes or valances where you want to ensure they hang straight down. Use plain square drapery weights for along the hemlines between corners.

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