How to throw a great pub Halloween party

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Halloween parties during October are not just for children. Adults can have their own haunted fun in places such as local pubs. When hosting a Halloween pub party, choose a night that you feel will result in the most people attending; the party may have to be held the weekend right before or after the holiday.

Reserve the bar area for just the Halloween party. Customers can come in on other nights out of costume, but make this a special night for just Halloween guests.

Create a Halloween-themed menu. Options include replacing the typical bar snacks such as pretzels with pumpkin seeds; and featuring dishes with pumpkin sauces, fresh fall produce and, of course, plenty of chocolate.

Feature drink specials that are based on Halloween. A Bloody Mary is definitely a common drink with a spooky theme. Others that might not be as thought of include a Vampire's Kiss, Rusty Nail or Neon Ghost.

Start your music before the guests arrive. The night could start with Halloween music soundtracks playing in the background, including sounds from a haunted house. Ask a local band to play and to include some Halloween-themed songs in its playlist.

Host a variety of games throughout the night. A costume contest is one idea, but there are others. Fill plastic bags with candy corn and set up a bean bag toss using the corn-filled bags. The winners of each game get the candy corn. Consider a candy corn-tossing tournament in which the winners get gift tokens to the bar.

Add a little romance to the games. Adults will be at the pub party; hang an apple between two contestants who are blindfolded. Using only their mouths, they must both bite the apple. Hang several of these with the first pair to capture the apple between their mouths, biting it simultaneously, declared the winners. The audience can have fun watching them miss (and kissing their partners) as they race to win.

Thank your guests for attending by giving them a small gift at the end of the pub party. Goody bags can be filled with candy as well as a coupon for a "buy one, get one free" drink or entree on a return trip to encourage your guests to return to your pub.

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