How to Make a Candy Cane Costume

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Candy canes are usually associated with the Yuletide season. These sweet peppermint treats are shaped like a shepherd's crook with white and red diagonal stripes wrapped all around it. Making a candy cane costume is an ideal project to do with kids because no sewing is required, and it helps everyone involved get into the holiday spirit.

Lay your white shirt on a clean table. Measure the front and back of the shirt diagonally. The measurement will determine the length of the duct tape that you are going to cut.

Cut the red duct tape according to the measurement that you took. Stick the red duct tape diagonally on the shirt. Make sure you leave a gap of 1 inch between duct tapes. Stick the duct tape until the whole shirt is covered. If you want to make your costume look more stylish, you can make the red stripes bigger by attaching two red duct tapes together.

Stick the red duct tape to the white leggings. Make sure to also leave a gap of 1 inch between duct tapes.

Wrap the walking cane with white duct tape. Then cut out thin strips of red duct tape. Wrap the cane with the red duct tape diagonally starting from the bottom of the cane to its hook.

Put on the shirt and leggings along with the white gloves, socks and Santa hat. Wear red or white shoes to complete the look. The walking cane will set off your candy cane costume.

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