How to have a paint fight party

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Paint fights are a fabulous way to increase the fun and excitement of any party. Children and teenagers, especially, will enjoy the buoyant physical activity and the prospect of purposefully getting dirty. Paint fights are best played outdoors, on open areas of land, to allow guests to run around freely and participate without coating or damaging any important property. Multiple party guests also increase the fun, so the more people the better.

Send out fun invitations for your party. Get creative. Paint your own invitations or include miniature plastic warriors or cops and robbers decals to indicate that guests will be doing battle -- all in good fun -- at this party. Include the date and time of the party, contact information and directions to the party location, if necessary. Ask invited guests to RSVP at least one week in advance so you can plan on how many people will be attending. Encourage guests to bring their own paint ball guns and equipment and gear if they have it. Ask parents to sign any necessary waivers if they have under-aged children participating. Waivers should state that guests play at their own risk.

Change into old clothes before the party begins. Clothes should be old and ragged enough that having paint splattered on them will not matter. Apply protective gear, such as goggles, face masks, gloves, boots and/or old coats. Load paint ball guns. Be sure to load guns outside and facing away from people. Instruct anyone who is unfamiliar how to use the gun before play begins.

Divide into teams, establish rules and begin playing. Set land perimeters to keep the game within certain physical boundaries. Supervise the proceedings, if you are an adult, to ensure the game is safe and fun. Have participants remove paint-stained clothes and change into good clothes if they intend on coming inside. Place old clothes into garbage bags for safe keeping and provide towels for guests to wipe skin clear of paint, if necessary.

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