How to Make a Pattern for Pillowcase Dresses

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Pillowcase dresses are a simple style that requires basic sewing skills to make. It is possible to sew a pillowcase dress out of any fabric by making a pattern using a standard-sized pillowcase. This lets you be creative with the fabric prints used to make the dress. You can also adjust the paper pattern to fit larger or smaller girls. Choose a washable cotton or cotton/polyester blend fabric for best results with laundry maintenance.

Find a standard size pillowcase and press it with an iron to flatten the shape. Place the pillowcase on a large piece of paper and mark the outline with a pencil.

Mark the armhole cutouts by measuring 3 inches down from the top corners and marking the measurement. Measure 3 inches inward on the top edge and mark the measurement from both corners.

Draw a "J" from the top marking to the bottom marking on each side to create the armhole cutout.

Hold the paper pattern to the child to make sure it is wide enough. An older child may require a wider pattern. A standard pillowcase works well for children 4 and under.

Pin the pillowcase pattern to a folded piece of fabric to cut out two pieces for the front and back of the pillowcase dress.

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