How to Use the Solvit Pet Booster Seat

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The Solvit Pet Booster Seat is an easy-to-use device that allows a small dog to ride in a vehicle safely and in style. The installation instructions are straightforward, allowing it to be completed in a matter of minutes.

Dogs will be able to stay secure while looking out the vehicle's window, easing the risk of driver distraction.

Measure and weigh your dog to ensure it will fit in the booster seat. For a medium booster seat, dogs can weigh up to 5.44kg. and should be able to fit inside a 13-by-10-by-8-inch area. For large booster seats, a dog can weigh up to 8.16kg. -and should be able to fit inside a 16-by-14-by-8-inch area. For X-large booster seats, dogs can weigh up to 11.3kg. and should be able to fit inside a 20-by-16-by-11-inch area.

Attach the shorter adjustable strap to the two D-rings on the top of the basket and slide it over the headrest. A headrest is strongly recommended for this product. If the seat has no headrest then adjust the shorter strap attached to the D-rings on top of the basket to fit over the back of the seat, and lower the basket until the bottom is resting on the seat cushion.

Adjust the shorter strap attached to the D-rings on the top of the basket until it sits at a desired height. It is best if it sits high enough for the dog to see out the window. Tighten the strap so that it is pulled tightly to the back of the seat.

Attach the longer strap to one of the D-rings on the backboard, located at the back of the booster seat, wrap the strap around the back of the car seat and attach to the D-ring on the other side of the backboard. Tighten this strap to ensure the booster seat is secured to the car seat.

Use the zippered pocket on the front of the booster seat to hold dog treats, the safety leash or dog toys. This provides easy access to items that will occupy the dog's attention should it become anxious or nervous.

Use the provided safety leash to secure the dog inside the booster seat. It easily clips onto the dog's leash with one end and secures inside the booster seat with the other end. This will prevent the dog from leaping out of the seat.