How to explain salon reception duties

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A salon receptionist has many duties to help keep the salon running smoothly. Depending on the salon and employees within it, the receptionist's duties can vary, so it's important to explain to your salon receptionist the duties expected from her for that specific salon.

If you have a salon receptionist who needs to be informed of duties they are in charge of or if you've hired a new one, explaining their duties to her can help make for a successful receptionist.

Write down all of the duties your salon receptionist will need to fulfil. Consider the duties of other employees also. For example, consider if there is already an employee at the salon designated to sweep up hair, or if the receptionist be responsible for this and other cleaning duties. Write down typical receptionist duties also such as handling phones, as well as setting appointments and what kind of program or book you use for this and methods for taking payments.

Make a list of the training requirements your receptionist will need to have to ensure you are employing the right person for the job. For example, if you use a specific computer program to catalogue payments or set appointments, he may need experience with this program. Also, consider any training with salon's specifically as well as educational needs, such as a high school diploma or equivalent, or possibly more specific education.

Type up all of the duties you have listed and training requirements in a neat and concise manner. Use bullets to separate each duty and make separate lists for types of duties. For example, you can do lists titled "Cleaning Duties," or "Customer Care Duties." You can also use this list as a checklist when monitoring the progress and work of your receptionist. Also, include at the bottom any consequences that will result in failure to meet these duties as well as an area for two signatures and a date for signing the list.

Go through each section bullet by bullet with your receptionist. Going over the list together is good, so that any questions can be handled and you will have the piece of mind of knowing that you explained everything to the receptionist. Should an issue rise such as certain duties the receptionist is fulfilling, you will have a good argument on your side as you will know that they were explained all of the duties.

Sign the list of duties, you and the receptionist, and date it after going over all of the list. This way you will also have documentation that expectations for their job have been explained and that they comprehend what they are expected to do. Should any issues arise later you can go back to this signed document.

Make three copies of the signed list. Give one to your receptionist, keep one on hand for yourself to periodically check that they are fulfilling all of the duties and also keep one in your salon's records.