How to Get Tarnish Off of Fake Jewelry

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While fine jewellery made from metals such as gold, silver and copper is known to have the propensity to tarnish over time, lesser quality jewellery may eventually tarnish even if low amounts of metals are used. Cleaning so-called "fake" jewellery can be done with relatively simple household items and tools, does not take much time, and can help the jewellery look shiny and new. Cleaning jewellery usually is a task best left to adults.

Combine 1/4 cup vinegar with 2 tsp baking soda in a dish and mix well to dissolve the salt.

Place the jewellery into the cleaning mixture and allow it to sit for several hours.

Lift the jewellery out of the cleaning mixture when the tarnish is removed.

Rinse the jewellery with cool water and wipe thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Dry the jewellery with a towel and then set the jewellery on the towel to finish air drying.

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