How to Remove an MGF Alternator

Alternators provide a steady charge to a vehicle's battery using the cycle of a motor. These parts are essentially what makes a vehicle reliable, providing your starter and electrical systems with a constant recharge.

After time and extended use, your MGF's alternator can go out and require removal for repair or replacement. Removing the alternator requires a few simple tools, and it should take about 15 to 40 minutes of your time.

Pull your MGF onto car ramps and place the transmission in park. Be sure to lock your emergency brake to prevent the possibility of a fall.

Open the vehicle's bonnet and use a crescent wrench to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery.

Climb under the vehicle and locate the swing pulley on the serpentine belt assembly. The swing pulley is located on the end of a metal arm and is accompanied by a brass bolt-end called the auto tensioner.

Attach a crescent wrench to the auto tensioner and twist it counterclockwise. This will remove pressure on the serpentine belt. While keeping pressure on the auto tensioner, slip the serpentine belt off the swing pulley.

Access the vehicle's engine compartment from the top. Remove the electrical connection from the top of the alternator using a 12mm socket wrench.

Slide the serpentine belt off the alternator drive. Since you slipped the belt off the swing pulley, there should be little or no pressure on the belt.

Remove the two mounting bolts around the edge of the alternator using a 12mm socket. Slide the alternator out of the engine carriage assembly.