How to Make Your Metal Shed Look Better

An unsightly metal shed can ruin the entire appearance of a landscaping design. With a few materials and a little time, you can make your metal shed look better and not stick out like a sore thumb in your backyard.

Exterior decorating is much the same as interior decorating; choose the elements to dress up your shed as you would a large piece that you have inside your home. Make it look like a part of your outdoor design scheme rather than an eyesore.

Wash the shed to remove any dirt or residue. Clean out all the cracks and crevices with a stiff-bristle brush while running water over the cracks and crevices.

Hammer out any dents from the inside of the shed. If the shed has finished walls inside, use a dent pop-out tool that attaches over the dent on the exterior.

Glue down any pieces that have torn loose. Use industrial-strength glue that will hold up against the outside elements.

Wash the entire exterior again if necessary to remove any metal dust or glue residue. Allow it dry thoroughly.

Lay plastic sheeting down around the shed, covering an area of at least 3 feet in all directions. Use painter's dust sheets as an alternative.

Buy outdoor paint that is meant for metal and matches the siding of your home. Choose a complementary colour if you cannot find or do not want an exact match, to make your metal shed look better.

Rent or buy a spray painter and practice on another surface if you have never used one before. On a calm day, stand about a foot away from the shed and spray the colour on in even strokes, moving the sprayer evenly as you go. Allow the paint to dry.

Plant flowers around the shed or decorate it with lawn and garden ornaments that reflect the rest of your landscaping design. A metal shed looks better when it flows with the rest of your outdoor decor.