How to Lose Weight By Not Eating After 6PM

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Losing weight is possible by adhering to a diet where most food is consumed during daylight hours, according to the website. The human metabolism slows down after 6 pm, as the body's natural impulse to rest begins.

Eating a heavy meal and/or snacking on foods--especially those high in sugar-- do not break down in the body as fast as other meals and can lead to weight gain. Follow several simple measures to consume your food before 6 pm to increase the possibility of weight loss.

Lose Weight By Eating Early

Eat several small meals throughout the day. Traditional western diets are based on three large meals per day--where dinner is often the largest meal, consumed after 6 pm. Eating three or four small meals throughout the day provides your body with necessary nutrients and prevents you from feeling hungry later in the day.

Eat protein and vegetables before 6 pm. Consuming foods with high levels of protein and nutrients contributes to a large and healthy accumulation of calories. Healthy calories burn slowly throughout the body during the day, making you feel appropriately full.

Minimise sugars and sweets from your diet. Foods high in sugar and fat burn faster throughout the body, making you feel hungrier. They also contribute loads of calories at one time. Calories that are not burnt as energy transform into fat. Avoiding starch-based foods, such as pasta and white bread, is also a way to minimise and/or eliminate harmful sugars.