How to make homemade hair dye with food colouring

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You can use food colouring to dye your hair safely. Dying your hair with the dyes that are sold in stores can be expensive as well as damaging to your hair. Food colouring is semi-permanent, and you can mix your own vibrant colours. The longer you leave the food colouring in, the darker the colour of your hair and the longer it lasts. Food colouring usually shows up better on individuals with lighter hair.

Put on your rubber gloves. This protects you from colouring your hands.

Choose the colour you wish to dye your hair. You can mix your own unique colour.

Mix 10 to 20 drops of food colouring with 35 to 50 ml (two to three tablespoons) of shampoo in an empty shampoo bottle. Use more food colouring if you want the colour darker and more vibrant.

Replace the shampoo bottle cover. Shake up the shampoo and food colouring until well mixed.

Fill the remainder of the bottle with water. Leave enough room to add more food colouring for desired shade.

Apply the colour to your damp hair and leave in for 30 to 60 minutes or until you reach your desired shade.

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