How to Decorate Chocolate Easter Eggs

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Decorated chocolate Easter eggs are just as eye-catching as their hard-boiled counterparts. Display decorated chocolate eggs as an Easter dinner table centrepiece or give them as charming and tasty gifts.

Buy the chocolate eggs pre-made to save time in the kitchen and enhance them with an edible decor to give them a homemade touch. Have kids customise their own chocolate Easter eggs using icing, frosting and other sweet treats.

Unwrap regular-size chocolate eggs from their foil wrappings

Draw one decorative line around the top and one around the bottom of the egg with your tipped icing tube, allowing enough space for the egg to rest in the carton. Write "Happy Easter" across the middle of the egg. Customise the eggs by writing Easter dinner guests' names across them as another option.

Place dots of icing, which will serve as glue, on the egg. Attach candies to the icing. Press nonpareil candy sprinkles in festive colours onto the icing. Use cake decorator candy flowers featuring spring-inspired hues in place of or in addition to the sprinkles.

Display or present the decorated chocolate candies in an empty egg carton.