DIY: Wooden Flute

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Having a working flute doesn't mean spending a lot of money in a music store. Flutes are simple woodwind instruments that can add accompaniment to any musical arrangement. Their narrow body and thick design makes them a durable instrument. With few holes flutes are comparatively simple to learn and play.

Flutes can made out of almost any type of wood or bamboo and each individual flute will have a sound all its own.

Clamp you wood pole into the vice. Bore out the middle of the pole with the gun drill. If the wood is soft enough, heat up the metal rod with a torch or in a fire and run the rod through the wood pole to bore out the middle.

Measure about one inch from one end of the flute down the shaft. Mark this spot with a pencil.

Drill a hole with your drill and drill bit on the marked spot.

Measure the distance from the middle of the hole to the other end of the flute. This distance will determine where the rest of the holes are placed.

Using the distance you measured find 43 per cent of that distance and mark that point on the flute. Also mark at 50 per cent, 58 per cent, 68 per cent, 73 per cent and 83 per cent.

Drill holes at all these pencil marks using your drill and drill bit. Make sure the holes fall on a straight line down the flute. Make sure you only drill through one side of the flute and not all the way through to the other side.