How to Make a Simple Mouse Finger Puppet

paper image by AGphotographer from

Most kids love to do craft projects, and making paper finger puppets is an enjoyable way for them to pass the time. They will have fun making and decorating these little mice puppets. And by having these cute puppet friends to play with, your children may never complain of getting bored again.

Have them create a family of mice puppets and act out an impromptu play or game. If the finger puppets come apart, it takes only minutes to make duplicates.

Fold the paper into three equal sections. Press down on the paper to flatten it out, and tape the outside piece down to form a cylinder fitted to your finger.

Cut two half circles out of the edges, about 1/3 of the way up the paper from the bottom and curling in towards the middle of the sheet (clockwise for the left side, counterclockwise for the right). Stop 1/16 of an inch before you cut the circles completely out of the paper.

Curl the ears up, and where they connect with the paper, fold the bottom section down. This will create the head.

Fold the two sides of the face under at an angle, forming a pointed mouse face.

Draw a face on the mouse's head, and glue on the googly eyes.

Curl the second sheet of paper around the blade of your scissors to form a tail. Glue it on the back of the body. Allow the glue to dry before use.